Could the S&P 500 Make History?

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  Could the S&P 500 Make History? WEEKLY MARKET COMMENTARY – LPL FINANCIAL- MARCH 22, 2016   The S&P 500 could do something this quarter it hasn’t done since the Great Depression. Yesterday, we looked at what happens after the S&P 500 is up five straight weeks; we also mentioned that after being down 10% for the year at the February lows, it is now green. Today, we’ll take a closer look at that reversal. On February 11, 2016, the S&P 500 was down 10.5% for the year, but it has come all the way back to positive, and as of yesterday was up +0.4% for the year. Going back to 1928, only eight years have ever been down at least 10% and then finished in the green by the end of the year. Obviously, 2016 isn’t over yet and there is plenty of time for market moves in either direction; however, this statistic shows just how rare it is for a year to make a comeback after being down 10%.                     Read the full commentary by LPL Financial Market Strategists here.

Market Volatility

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Many of you are understandably concerned about the current volatility we are experiencing in equity markets. As my staff and I continue to reach out to review your particular situations with you, I want to convey a general message regarding how I feel about current conditions.

Chart Shows Why Portfolios Must Be Well Diversified…

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Whatever you call it, Quilt Chart, Jelly Bean Chart, Periodic Table Chart, etc., our favorite chart (now updated through 2015) clearly highlights why you can’t chase the top performing investments or sectors. It shows how the strongest investment performers change from year to year, underlining the importance of sticking with a well diversified portfolio allocation.

Stock Market Volatility

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Today, February 2, 2016, is Groundhog Day. In Punxsutawney, PA, a groundhog named Phil either will or will not see his shadow and we’ll either be doomed to repeat the first six weeks of winter again or have an early spring.

LPL Forecasters Still Favor Bull Market And No Recession

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The Five Forecasters still favor the continuation of the current bull market and no recession. The Five Forecasters, which we first introduced in 2014, are five indicators that, collectively, have historically signaled the increasing fragility of the U.S. economy and a transition to the late stage of the economic cycle and an oncoming recession.

Austin Frye Interviewed By Reuters On The Rising Concerns Of Retirees

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Austin Frye Interviewed By Reuters On The Rising Concerns Of Retirees In a recent interview by Reuters, Austin Frye reflected on the fears some of his retirement age clients have. “They worry about ISIS, rising interest rates, income disparity, European recession, dysfunctional Congress, slowdown in China, and falling commodity prices,” says Austin Frye, a financial planner in Aventura, Florida. “There is, in fact, a lot for them to worry about.”… Of course, in a challenging market climate, such as the one we now find ourselves in,  fears and doubts can become more pronounced. It is precisely at such times, that clients benefit the most from the guidance of a steady handed, experienced financial advisor. Such a trusted professional can guide clients in monitoring the market’s impact on their situations and, most importantly, help ensure that they don’t allow emotional decision making  to derail their planning and finances. Read the full article here.