3 Reasons You Should Follow Us on Twitter

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Many of you are already following us on Twitter (thanks!), but for those of you that aren't, here are 3 reasons why you should...

Key Social Security Claiming Strategy Eliminated

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The recently signed budget bill included, perhaps, the most significant change in Social Security benefits since 1983. The changes, which ended two major Social Security claiming strategies for married couples, occurred with virtually no public government review or hearings. Now is the time for Social Security projections and planning to be completed with a qualified advisor. Depending on your age, you may have a window of opportunity. First, those of you who are at least age 66 can continue to “file and suspend” until April 29, 2016. By doing so, your spouse and qualifying family members may be eligible to receive benefits after the law becomes effective. Plus you can continue to receive delayed retirement credits for up to four years. Clearly, if you are 66 or older and intend to do this, you should start the process soon. Second, people who are 62 or older as of the end of this year are grandfathered and will not be subject to the expanded deeming rules. For further details see 5 Things to Know About the New Social Security Claiming Rules

Austin Frye Interviewed By USA Today On Protecting Your Nest Egg

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With many Americans living longer and extending the amount of time they are likely to spend in retirement, a heavier concentration on stocks in their portfolios may now be advisable.

A Close Call With An Important Lesson… A True Tale

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Last week a client of mine was eating dinner with his wife and daughter at a South Florida restaurant when he began to show signs of having a stroke. His wife panicked and actually passed out. EMS had to come to the restaurant and cart both of them away in separate ambulances to the local hospital.

LPL Financial Market Update: 11/23/15

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Stocks have strong week.

LGBT Marriage – Consider Finances Before You Leap

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As a legal (estate/business panning) and financial advisory firm in South Florida , we have many LGBT individuals and couples as clients. Recently, during a meeting with two my best and favorite clients, a gay couple in a very long relationship, I made a big mistake….