LPL Research Weekly Market Commentary 1/23/17

I WANT MY GDP:  NOWCAST PREVIEW FOR Q4 2016     With the first (“advance”) estimate of GDP for Q4 2016 coming at the end of the week, Fed NowCast models are forecasting an average real growth of 2.5%. Over time, NowCast models have been no more accurate than economist consensus forecasts, but they provide greater transparency on the forecast drivers. NowCasts can help provide insight on the impact of individual economic releases as well as how different economic sectors are performing.   Read More  »

Are Important and Good Changes Afoot for 529 Plans?

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It’s never too early to start saving for college.  Important & good changes may be afoot for 529 college savings plans.   Read more from Investment News.

Market Happenings To Watch For In January

The new year is underway and there are, as always, events to monitor. We will be monitoring many significant events this month, including fourth quarter earnings, Chinese New Year, and the first FOMC meeting of 2017. We’ll know quickly how the economy is looking and if the earnings recovery that started last quarter is real, or was a short-lived bounce   For more information about the current conditions from Chief Economic Strategist, LPL Financial John J. Canally, Jr., CFA, and Senior Market Strategist, LPL Financial Ryan Detrick, CMT at LPL Research .

LPL Research Weekly Market Commentary 1/13/17

Stocks are up as earning season kicks off.
Was Friday the 13th lucky for the banks? Chinese trade disappoints. Fear Triskaidekaphobia? The tight range continues.   Read More  »

LPL Research Weekly Market Commentary 1/9/17

FOURTH QUARTER 2016 EARNINGS PREVIEW: LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER GOOD ONE!   The fourth quarter 2016 earnings season begins this week, and we expect it to be another good one. Energy prices rebounded in the fourth quarter, positioning the energy sector to potentially deliver its first earnings growth since the third quarter of 2014. Financials is poised to be a sector standout, with rising interest rates, stock market gains, and healthy credit markets all helping to buoy the sector’s profit picture. Read the full article at LPL Research Weekly Market Commentary 1/9/17

Curious about 2017? Read on!

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Learn all you need to know from LPL Financial Research   Read More  »