Myth Busting: LPL Research Takes On 4 Market Myths

There are several market myths related to certain market indicators which have the tendency to distract investors from what really matters in assessing market opportunities.

LPL believes the overall fundamental backdrop is currently quite positive thanks to solid economic growth and strong corporate earnings trends, while market sentiment and technicals continue to suggest future equity strength. This week they will bust some common market myths.

Key takeaways include:

  • The underlying fundamentals and technicals suggest this bull market is alive and well.
  • There are many market myths circulating that may be distracting investors from focusing on the positive fundamentals.
  • The yield curve, peak in manufacturing, rising interest rates, and earnings slowdown are all myths we will bust.

To read the full article from John Lynch Chief Investment Strategist, and Ryan Detrick, CMT Senior Market Strategist, LPL Financial, click here.