About Us

Frye Financial
Independent, Full Service Wealth Management

For over 30 years, successful business owners, professionals, and families have relied on Frye Financial to help them potentially grow, secure and preserve their wealth.

Our interdisciplinary team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER’S™, Client Portfolio Managers, Insurance Professionals, 401(k)/Retirement Plan Advisors, and IRA rollover/ distribution specialists provide comprehensive, seamless servicing.

This full service, integrated approach provides clients with the best opportunity to potentially maximize the long-term results and the effectiveness of their financial planning.

As a boutique firm, we are committed to:

Helping clients gain the confidence and sense of empowerment that come from knowing all the pieces of their planning are in place to help them maximize their potential financial success and future security.

Providing clients with the best of both worlds: sophisticated planning combined with highly personalized servicing and accessibility.

Making our clients feel special. We hold entertaining and/or educational events throughout the year and every spring we invite Platinum level clients to our private box at the Sony Ericsson Open tennis tournament. Our office is a welcoming place where you’ll find your favorite beverages and fresh baked treats always being served.

Common objectives of our clients:

Private Clients
    • Confidence in the ability to build assets sufficient to maintain their desired lifestyle through retirement
    • Optimizing investment strategies to insulate against inflation and unsure markets and to maximize potential growth within their desired risk level
    • Minimizing taxes
    • Preservation of family wealth and lifetime security
    • Organization and coordination of all family financial management, including all family financial advisers
    • Risk management; strategic life insurance, long-term care and health insurance planning
    • Retirement distribution planning
    • Easing the transition to salary free living
Small Business/Corporate Clients
Benefit Planning Goals
    • Establishing the most beneficial and cost effective retirement/401(k) plan for their organization and simplifying the ongoing administration of the plan
    • Plan sponsor support and comprehensive employee education on all facets of retirement/401(k) plan and investment options.
    • Maximizing tax saving opportunities of qualified retirement/401(k) plans
    • Guidance in fulfilling plan sponsor fiduciary responsibilities and ensuring plan remains compliant with all ERISA regulations and testing requirements.
    • Establishing non-qualified executive Deferred Compensation Programs to attract and retain top quality employees
    • Reducing health insurance costs while improving service to the organization and its employees.



As independent wealth managers, Frye Financial Center is amongst the top branch offices* affiliated with the nation’s leading independent broker dealer, LPL Financial.**  LPL Financial provides advisers with state-of-the-art technology, research and reporting platforms dedicated to your success.

*Based on revenues (2003-2012)
**Based on revenues reported by Financial Planning Magazine 1996-2011.